WhatsApp faces possible UK ban

Popular messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ could be banned in as little as a few weeks under sweeping new governmental powers.

WhatsApp Banned

If you’ve got nothing to hide, why would you want any privacy??

For the true brits amongst you that tuned into the Queen’s speech this year, you’ll know that there are new monitoring powers coming into effect ‘to tackle terrorism’.

These new measures are drawn up under the ‘Investigatory Powers Bill’ otherwise known as ‘The Snooper’s Charter’, which essentially gives the police and spy agencies complete access to absolutely everything everyone says, all of the time.

As Prime Minister David Cameron put it:

“In our country, do we want to allow a means of communication between people which we cannot read? My answer to that question is: ‘No, we must not’”

Like our American cousins, our own security and law enforcement don’t exactly have a shining record when it comes to using power responsibly. Many companies developing apps such as WhatsApp, iMessage, Snapchat protect the end user’s privacy by encrypting messages and media they send and receive.

Under these new powers, such apps would be banned unless they conformed to legislation which removes this encryption, allowing governments and associated agencies complete access.

After the Paris shooting, Cameron claimed he would have “no problem” banning popular services such as WhatsApp and Snapchat if they didn’t fall in line with the new measures.

Do you think we can trust our politicians to use this power wisely?

Should encrypted communications be banned?

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