What to expect from new casinos in 2024

The iGaming scene is changing every day, with innovations making betting much easier and more exciting than ever. New technologies, like artificial intelligence, have appeared and are being incorporated into different industries and businesses worldwide.

So, with 2024 on the horizon, many bettors are curious about what they can expect from betting platforms. As always, new casinos are the innovators of new things in the iGaming scene. So, we will cover some exciting things punters can expect from new Indian casinos in 2024.

5 things to expect from new casinos in 2024

When visiting a new casino in 2024, below are five things that bettors can expect from such platforms.

Augmented reality (AR)

Gone are the days when AR was talked about in hushed tones and only shown in futuristic movies. AR is being used in many industries today, though on a small scale. Some online casinos have also adopted AR in table games, providing bettors with a more exciting betting experience.

In 2024, however, AR is going to take centre stage, as many betting sites will be exploring its capabilities. So, players can look forward to casino games that incorporate this budding technology into their operations.

The advancement in AR will also lead to an improvement in the quality of live dealer games. So, players can look forward to a revamped live betting experience in 2024.

Virtual reality

Since the moment the Oculus Rift made its debut, the public has been hyped towards virtual reality. This is because it’s no longer an impossible technology, as many thought it was.

Virtual reality has been integrated into many industries, like the gaming and hospitality industries. With it, video game developers have created immersive games and some museums have created innovative viewing experiences for their customers.

In the iGaming industry, VR has also made a showing with the PokerStars VR game. By 2024, however, software developers will be more confident in venturing into the VR scene. So, players can expect a wide variety of VR casino games that can be played with virtual reality headsets.

Alternative payment methods

In the infancy stage of online betting platforms, the main payment methods were bank transfers, credit cards, and debit cards. So, players had to make do with the limited options when playing games in online casinos.

Some years after that, new payment methods emerged and online casinos had options like PayPal, Skrill, and Astropay to choose from. In 2024, this trend will continue and many more payment methods will emerge. To eliminate the restriction on international borders, cryptocurrency payment methods will receive full support from various betting sites.

Artificial intelligence

Chat GPT made a splash on the internet in 2023 as many businesses incorporated AI and AI-powered services into their daily affairs. In 2024, many online betting websites will be joining this bandwagon.

AI will enable online betting sites to fully monitor the affairs of their players. They’ll be able to see the games that each player likes playing, their favourite themes, and other data. This will enable the casinos to create a personalised online betting experience for each player.

AI will also allow casinos to monitor player betting patterns and detect those spiralling into addiction. This means the incorporation of artificial intelligence into casinos will make responsible gambling initiatives more effective.


It’s undeniable that the effects of climate change and the proliferation of greenhouse gases are more glaring now. To fight this enemy and save our planet, every industry is tasked with doing its part, and online casinos are not excluded.

Hence, in 2024, bettors can expect that online betting sites will focus on power sources that leave a lower carbon footprint. Many sites will power their servers with windmills, solar panels, and other environmentally friendly power sources.

Cloud-based operations will also be embraced to improve the sustainability of many operations in a casino. In short, more focus will be put into reducing the energy consumption of online betting platforms in every way.


2024 promises to be a good year for online betting, as the improvements in technology offer many innovative options for casinos and software providers. So, players can look forward to a VR and AR experience, more payment methods, artificial intelligence integration, and sustainability measures.

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