Curious about ways to consume cannabis?

If you are relatively new to marijuana smoking culture, the whole bunch of different ways to consume cannabis might seem truly confusing and foreign. Once you have got past the hurdle of how to actually get high-quality product and chosen the right tool for consuming the plant, a natural question arises: how can I use it? What are the best ways to do it? Oh, well, your curiosity has led you to this article and we actually think that is super exciting!
There can be nothing even worse than developing a strong aversion to marijuana because you might have screwed up during your very first session when you took too much of the stuff. But, if you did not, you can prevent the problem from occurring simply by following our guide on different ways to use medical cannabis.

As you already know, there is a number of ways you can ingest kush. And thus, the one you pick is entirely up to your needs and preferences, still we have some fine pieces of advice for each method.

Best way to use medical cannabis: Smoking

In case if you have pitched upon the smoking way, the simplest tool is a pipe. With it you won’t need to roll anything and you can actually take small hits. If you aren’t new to smoking a regular cigarette and inhaling smoke, this one will be really easy for you. And if have never smoked before, you should get used to pulling smoke though that will feel quite weird at first!

Smoking is among the fastest ways to experience the effects of marijuana, judging by the dosage. The first effects are normally revealed within minutes and can last between half an hour and up to 4 hours. Yet the brightest ones will most likely start vanishing after approximately an hour.

Best way to consume cannabis: Vaping

Vaping is yet another cool and simple way to use grass. It requires a consumer to use oil or water in order to start a session. Vaping is ideal for those who don’t really appreciate smoking, as it has no damage on user’s throat and lungs. What’s more, this method is also quite popular among medical cannabis patients.

It mainly follows the same principles as if smoking weed, taking effects almost immediately. Even a single hit of a vape pen is often enough to feel particular effects, however, some people will hit it couple times to get high. Generally, it depends on the quality of the plant you are vaping.

Other ways to consume cannabis: Edibles

Well, if you are neither into the idea of smoking nor into vaping, chances are you might go well with edibles, but always be careful with dosages. The best variant is to purchase the edibles from someone who produces them and can consult you on the right dosage for a beginner, so, in any case, make sure you buy it off a professional.

Edibles usually need quite a while to come into effect, but the final effects are durable ones. Your metabolism speed can also affect the process. In this way, it is essential not to overdo a thing. If the effects have not appeared within 30 minutes, do not freak out by loading up more as it may cause pretty hideous first-time experience. Just wait for a few hours before consuming more.

Finally, the best tip is to dive into full relaxation and enjoy your session. The cannabis experience is supposed to be pleasant, if you don’t allow too many concerns to get in the way. Don’t forget to surround yourself with a company of great people, nice snacks and great music. All these will help you have a flawless first weed experience.


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