MapleMatch to help US singles find love in Canada if Trump wins

A new dating website is promising to save American singles from the horrors of a Trump presidency – by matching them up with people in Canada. claims it already has thousands of singles signed up in case Donald Trump gets into the White House later this year.


Chief Executive Officer Joe Goldman says 70 per cent of the 4,150 registered are Canadian, which does suggest people there feel a little sorry for Trump worriers across the border.

Goldman, from Texas, claims he thought of the idea after Republican front-runner Trump swept to victory in the “Super Tuesday” in March, a period when Google searches for “move to Canada” hit a record high.

His dating website currently has a holding page for interested singles to register their interest in packing their bags and heading north.
Finding love in Canada with

Not everyone gets it, however. Canadian digital marketing expert Adele McAlear, joked in Twitter: “Not to shatter your dreams of escape, but, as a Canadian, I’m left wondering, what’s in it for us?”