“Supermarket Jihadi” misses UK food and wants to be blown up by a drone

Omar Hussein, after leaving Morrisons to become Jihadist Abu Sa’eed Al Britani, has admitted that he misses UK food. He also wants to be blown up in a drone strike.


One of America’s freedom machines.

Smashing Life previously reported on Omar’s many complaints about his Arab and Syrian comrades. He keeps a long and comprehensive blog on Tumblr, which would be pure comedy gold if it wasn’t for the fact that it revels in the horrific atrocities that he and his “brothers” commit, whilst conveniently ignoring questions about rape and basic human rights. He even goes as far as to post a picture of a dead jihadi whose face, contorted into a grimace, is – according to Hussein – a man smiling as he enters the kingdom of heaven. “The Smile says it all”, he states, with a smiley face tagged on the end.

Although  he extols the luxury of life in the caliphate, he also makes comments such as “there’s no hot water – if in fact, any water at all, on the front lines”, and he’s very proud that he has learned to cook such fascinating meals as noodles and soup, whilst posting pictures of the local market selling Ferrero Rocher. Come and kill a few Kaffir so the Ambassador can spoil you with his chocolates, why don’t you. He does, however caution against eating Syrian bread, “as it has no taste to it,” he writes, adding that “Syria has loads of different types of buns which are good, alhamdululaah [thanks be to god]”

Asked on his Tumblr Blog if there was anything he missed from the UK, he replied “Jaffa cakes, Skittles, apple pies and Bird’s Eye fish fingers. To be honest – Just the food!”, but he doesn’t miss his job at the supermarket which he admits to finding “very relaxing”.

Reading the blog gives a detailed analysis into what goes on in the minds of these hateful people, and there is a certain pity to be found in the fact that this is clearly a well educated and eloquent man, but his ramblings about casually killing people make the stomach churn. “Islam is not a religion of peace, as such,” he writes, “it is a religion of peace, love, war and hate.” Needless to say, some commentators on the blog want to try and let him know how much they despise his horrifically casual espousing of hateful doctrine.

“There’s a drone coming with your name on it…” writes one reader.

“InshaaAllaah -)” (God willing) he replies.

I don’t think it’s worth the money, Omar, you’d probably just complain it was the wrong sort of drone, or that they wrote Omar instead of Sa’eed, or that it was an American drone and you wanted a British drone, or that you only lost an arm and a leg in the aftermath, and then what would the virgins think of you?

If only there was a god, I'm pretty sure he would be willing

If only there was a god, I’m pretty sure he would be willing