Smooth criminal robs shop of Lucozade while on hoverboard

MET Police have appealed for information after releasing a video of a man robbing a shop and escaping on a hoverboard. Welcome to the future.

Appealing are for information on Twitter to catch the thief who robbed the shop in Mitcham, London.

Appeal to identify #Hoverboard riding suspect in connection with theft in #Mitcham. Call 101 quoting ref19206

— Metropolitan Police (@metpoliceuk) December 10,2015

The man can been seen breezing into the store on his self-balancing scooter, complete with neon lights (they’re not really hoverboards), picking up an entire case of Lucozade before he makes a three-point turn and casually zips out of the shop.

“He entered the store at 21:43 hours and took a crate of Lucozade from the drinks aisle, making off without making payment,” the Metropolitan police said in a statement.

The police also want to make clear that even riding one of these ‘hoverboards’ in public is illegal, let alone, you know – the actual robbing.

In a clearly premeditated and perfectly executed plan, the suspect manages to penetrate the store, grab his items and leave – all within 30 seconds and without even getting himself trapped inside.

The suspect was last seen heading down the street at approximately 6mph, blue neons blazing.

What a time to be alive.