North Korea claims it has ‘hangover-free’ booze

North Korea has given up claiming that it has a nuclear arsenal that could destroy us all and now claims it has developed ‘hangover-free’ alcohol.

Kim Jong Un leading the research

Kim Jong Un leading the research

In a bold statement that could threaten the existence of newly-flourishing hangover clinics, North Korea claims it has developed a 30-40% alcohol that leaves you feeling fine and dandy the next morning.

The product which is called ‘Koryo Liquor’ was announced in a recent edition of the Pyongyang Times and has already won multiple awards and the grand prize at North Korea’s National Liquor show.

When it comes to the ‘science’ of the drink, the magazine states that it uses a ‘cunning combination’ of six-year-old, top quality ginseng. That’s right, ginseng. The same ingredient that North Korea claimed last year it had developed a wonder drug that could cure AIDS, Ebola and MERs with. Precious, precious ginseng.

Be careful what you wish for though. Unlimited alcohol being delivered within an hour with no hangover? Be honest, you’d be dead in days.