Man makes 14 hour long film of paint drying to troll UK film censors

In protest of an antiquated British Board of Film Classification, Charlie Lyne crowdfunded a 14 hour long movie of paint drying, which censors must watch.

paint drying film

The crowdfunding campaign was not set up to cover the costs of producing ’14 hours of crisp 4K digital video of paint drying’, but to cover the cost of paying the BBFC to classify the film. That’s right, you pay ’em, they have to watch it.

Charlie’s dig at the BBFC came after the resigned attitude that film makers had come to exhibit under the pressure of censorship. In his Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), he said:

About a year ago, I went to a filmmaker open day held by the BBFC at their offices in Soho. I’d expected to see quite a lot of conflict between the BBFC examiners and the visiting filmmakers whose work was at the mercy of the board, but there was nothing like that. Most of the filmmakers — even those who’d had trouble with the BBFC in the past — seemed totally resigned to the censorship imposed by the board, even supportive of it. I think that shocked me into action.

The BFCC did confirm to Mashable that it will indeed watch every single minute that it’s paid to watch, as long as it goes through the standard application process. They’ll be watching carefully to make sure no Fight Club-esque, single frames of pornography were spliced in at the 8 hour mark.

Charlie admits to having never watched his whole creation in its entirety and that review from the BBFC will have to take place over two days as BFCC are regulated to watching a maximum of 9 hours of footage per day.

In case you’re wondering, the colour paint he chose for the film was ‘Brilliant White’ because he “felt like it had a certain Tom Sawyer charm that matched the simplicity of the premise.”