London exceeds 2016 pollution limit in one week


London, UK – Only seven days was needed for the capital to surpass pollution limits set by the European Union for all of 2016.

london pollution

Between January 1st and Thursday 7th January 2016, London exceeded levels of NO2 (Nitrogen-dioxide gas) set by the EU as the yearly quota. This is more than a little bit of smog, NO2 air pollution has been linked to 5,900 deaths in London in 2010 alone. The levels measured in this first week of January on Putney High Street exceeded the quota of 200 milligrams per-cubic metre 19 times.

According to a new report, 181-square-miles of Greater London currently exceed NO2 limits, making London air pollution similar to that of Shanghai and Beijing.

The sooty pollution grown has to be award to London’s busy shopping hub, Oxford Street, which was recorded having the highest NO2 levels anywhere in the world. Oxford Street stormed into the lead by smashing NO2 pollution levels in a mere four days in 2016.

Still, least they’re sorting out the dogshit problem.

The Editor

I wish it was satire.