Politician says he drives using psychic powers, crashes

Whacky politician Huh Kyung Young, who claimed he could drive his car by psychic powers alone has, erm, crashed his car.

The weirdo Korean has previously claimed he has an IQ of 430, that he can levitate and that he can see into the future.


But his boast about using his mind alone to drive his flashy Rolls Royce Phantom actually had some locals believing him, especially as he posted a video of his skills on YouTube.

The gullible Koreans are now asking themselves what could possibly have gone wrong when Young crashed his flashy motor into the back of another car.

Huh Kyung Young
Bet he didn’t see this coming: Huh Kyung Young’s crashed car

Check out his video where he claims he is driving using the power of his mind alone. We knew those Rolls Royces were packed with intelligent tech, but really?

Huh Kyung Young, 68, heads the Democratic Republican Party in South Korea. However, any fears he could rise to power and face off against North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un are highly unlikely – the party receives little support.


He ran for President in 2007, coming seventh but somehow securing 100,000 votes. During the campaign he said he wanted to move the United Nations headquarters from New York to Panmunjom, a village that sits on the border separating North and South Korea.

He said: “With the U.N. headquarters located in Korea, there would be no war on the Korean Peninsula. Then, I will unify the world and lead efforts to mediate between the global powers.”

But also said he could cure cancer just by looking into a patient’s eyes, once released a single using the hook from the Inspector Gadget theme tune, and added he might contact the Guinness Book of Records.

“Nowadays, I am so popular that I get several phone calls every second from my fans. I am thinking of reporting myself to Guinness World Records as the man who receives the largest number of phone calls in the world,” he said.

Nothing odd about him at all, then.