Footballer earning £600 per minute feels “undervalued”

Liverpool Striker Raheem Sterling claims he feels undervalued after being offered a contract worth a meagre £100,000 per week. Poor, Raheem.

Raheem Sterling

“So basically, I can buy 3 new cars every match? NOT ENOUGH.”

Feeling the pinch of hard economic times, Raheem says he will terminate his contract with the Reds because he wants to play in the Champions’ League and doesn’t think that Liverpool – on course to finish 5th in the Premiership this year – will be able to offer him that opportunity.

The fact that 20-year-old Sterling has contributed pretty much nothing to anything, having scored just 7 goals in 35 appearances this season and with Liverpool only marginally outside the top four suggests that if he’d done his job properly, he may well have been able to take his Red jersey to Europe without causing such a media hoo-hah, whilst making himself look like a money-grabbing spoiled brat in the meantime.

According to the LFC statistics page, Sterling was on the pitch for a total of 3,050 minutes in the 2014/15 season, averaging 435 minutes of playing time between each goal. Although he’s only been paid £35,000 per week for this season, that’s still almost £600 per minute of playing time, and around £260,000 per goal. Yes, over a quarter of a million pounds for putting a ball into a net.

Unwilling to put the time and effort into bringing his own team into a Champions’ League position, he simply wants to move to a team which is already there; hitching a ride on the coat-tails of other footballers who genuinely earned their places in Europe.

As the old adage suggests – no one player is bigger than the team, and even in this day and age of instant gratification, there are still some people who believe that hard work, dedication and commitment deserve to be financially well rewarded. And then there are money grabbing bastards.

Raheem Sterling kicking football

“So if I kick this ball, that’s £200, right?”