David Cameron rakes in half a million pounds as landlord

According to figures from The Mirror, David Cameron has accrued half a million pounds in private rent as a landlord during his time as Prime Minister.

david cameron landlord

Earlier this month, the Tory government came under fire as MPs voted down an amendment which would require rented properties were ‘fit for human habitation’.

These properties, are of course, currently being rented out to humans, so you may think that making them ‘fit for human habitation’ would be a sensible responsibility to impart on landlords. Tory MPs will however disagree with you. Of the 312 votes, 219 were against enacted the new amendment, giving a majority of 93.

Why would this be the case? Well, bringing pest-infested, mouldy or otherwise untenable accommodation costs money. This money comes directly out of the pocket of the landlord that’s charging you for the privilege of living there and new research shows that 39% of Conservation MPs are landlords.

Since moving to 10 Downing Street in 2010, Cameron began letting out his luxury pad in Notting Hill with similar properties in the area going for around £7,000 per month. This would suggest that over the past 67 months David Cameron has netted £469,000 in landlord fees.

That’s a pig of a story to swallow.