Consulting company warns internet connected cars could kill you

Your end may well be caused by machines, but nothing of the grandeur of a super-AI Skynet future. Just your car got a virus.

Internet connected car

“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, Dave”

Consulting and technology firm, Capgemini has warned of the dangers of internet connected cars, stating that ‘disturbing security risks’ could put passengers and drivers in danger.

We’ve long stated that autonomous driving cars are probably a bad idea when can’t even stop our iPhones from crashing if they get the wrong text and don’t even get us started of the woes of trying to sync with iTunes.

Simply put, the problem as Capgemini sees it is that cars until recently were ‘closed systems’, meaning that each device was mostly independent from the rest of the car and was not connected to external networks. Now, cars are carrying more sophisticated technology such as entertainment, navigation and engine control systems which will be wireless linked together and in many cases, connected to the internet.

We’ve already seem scenarios of hackers demonstrating they can take control of planes in flight, so the possibility of a car becoming compromised is a real one.

The problem cascades with these systems being linked together. This opens up the possibility of a single compromised system being able to grant the hacker access to gain control over the vehicle, altering its speed, navigation or even disable the breaks.

As Capgemini put it, “will you be ready to ‘drive’ your automated car at 100Km/h, knowing your car may have a virus? Well, let’s say you may be willing to spend your money for proper antivirus.”

You do have antivirus. Right?