Bored French teacher fabricates terrorist attack and triggers manhunt

Prosecutors say a French teacher who claimed he was stabbed in the neck by a man shouting “Islamic State!” made the whole thing up.

french armed police

French police launched a manhunt for the suspected terrorist

Most children have done it. When they want some attention, they pretend they’ve taken a fall, or that graze hurts a little bit more than it actually does. You’d hope that a 45-year-old school teacher would have grown out of this behaviour, but apparently some of it rubbed off on him.

The as-of-yet unnamed teacher from Auberbillliers in France claimed he had been attacked by a man with a box cutter who was shouting “This is for Daesh! It’s a warning!” triggering a city-wide manhunt by armed police.

With France still on high-alert after the recent attacks, all classes at the Jean-Perrin pre-school were cancelled, Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem visited the school and vowed to increase security while the anti-terrorism branch of the Paris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation for attempted murder.

As investigators pieced together information¬†and the man’s ‘superficial wounds’ to his side and neck were treated in hospital, it became increasingly likely that the teacher did it to himself.

French prosecutors have changed their investigation and are now questioning the man as to why he lied and was an attention-seeking dick.