Police release ‘worst ever’ e-fit that looks like Fred Flintstone


Kent Police have attracted a lot of sarcastic comments after publishing a ridiculous e-fit, that looks somewhat like Fred Flintstone, to their Facebook page.

Fred Flintstone efit
Apparently the suspect also only has one sideburn.

The suspect is wanted in connection with the robbery of a 75-year-old-man in Cliftonville, Margate on the 26th September.

Unfortunately, the odd-looking e-fit published on the Kent Police Facebook page has only attracted mockery, rather than useful information, with several social media users pointing out the face has a striking resemblance to Fred Flintstone.

Facebook Fred Flinstone efit

Facebook user, Sarah Jane Unsworth commented, “That is the worst efit I’ve ever seen” and Dennis Mitchell suggested “his barber should know who he is”.

Other users chipped in saying the e-fit looked like the following:

“a fat, and rather badly put together, Micky Flanagan”

“Gregor fisher from his baldy man days”

“Jimmy Carr when he was fat” and “Bernard Manning”.

If you do happen to have any information about this crime, please do contact Kent Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111. If you’d just like to make a funny comment, I guess you can join everyone else in the Facebook thread.

The Editor

I wish it was satire.