Man orders penis enlarger online and receives magnifying glass


A man was left feeling severely short changed after the “penis enlargement kit” he ordered online consisted of only one thing, a magnifying glass.

magnifying glass
The pen does look bigger.

The Malaysian customer complains bureua estimates that over $25,000 was lost in 2015 due to ‘false online purchases’.

Many of these scams are centred around medical conditions or items that the purchaser would find embarrassing to admit to publicly. This reduces the likelyhood for the scammers that their victim is going to take the issue up with their local authorities – it means explaining to everybody that you tried to order a penis enlargement kit online.

The currently unnamed man who spoke to The Real Singapore outlet refuses to let authorities know, maybe through embarrassment, exactly where he purchased his penis enlargement kit. Without more detail the investigation and subsequent recovery of his money is proving very difficult. Seri Michael Chong of Malaysia’s customer complaints bureau said “As you can imagine, he is feeling rather disgruntled.”

Best thing to do in this situation is chalk it up to experience, be the bigger man and keep a stiff upper lip.

The Editor

I wish it was satire.