Toilet for rent in London for £3,000 per month

If you’re looking to have access to a single toilet in Highgate, London, you’re in a luck. A man is renting out as single toilet in an apartment block for £3,000 per month.

highgate toilet

If you thought 20p to relieve yourself at Liverpool Street station was annoying, you may want to sit down for this one.

Local builder James Atherton purchased himself a single toilet inside a block of flats near a bus turnaround point in Highgate. He believes that he’s struck onto a brilliant idea, as it offers a solution to bus drivers who need to relieve themselves but are stuck by the lack of public facilities nearby.

“Bus drivers in Highgate don’t have a toilet,” Mr Atherton told the Camden New Journal.

Mr Atherton, clearly not really sure about how much bus drivers earn went on to say, “I thought they might be interested in buying it, or maybe three of them could get together and rent it.”

While not paying £1,000 a month to have a piss, Mr. Atherton also points out that it will be their responsibility to keep the toilet clean and maintained, as well as “no parties”. What else would you expect for that kind of money? A sky pool?

Surprisingly, nobody has taken Mr. Atherton up on his offer, yet.