The lotteries with the best odds of winning

Deciding on which global lottery to enter can be tricky. If you are just going to play one, there are plenty of factors to consider. 

One key piece of information that you consider is the odds of winning a specific lottery. There are no guarantees, but it’s nice to have data at hand that highlights one set of odds over another.

Any prize odds

For example, if your eye isn’t necessarily on the jackpot – and you would just settle for any prize if victorious in the lower tiers – the French Lotto is a solid option. The odds of winning any price in the French Lotto are approximately one in six. That’s significantly better than, say, the Austrian Lotto’s one in 12 or Irish Lotto’s one in 29 within the same category. Interestingly, the French Lotto is drawn three times a week, too. Many other world lotteries only happen once or twice a week.

Jackpot odds

Generally, though, people love to chase the jackpot – and Lottoland’s full list of lottery odds is handy resource when it comes to betting on huge lotteries and pursuing the main prize for a specific draw.

Touching on the Austrian lotto again – not only does it have some of the best any prize odds, but it also has impressive jackpot odds. Here, you stand a one in 8.1 million chance of winning the main prize. Meanwhile, the Irish Lotto has main odds of one in 10.7 million and the Polish Lotto one in 13.9 million.

You might want to look at Spain’s El Gordo draw, too. Also known as the Christmas lottery, it has jackpot odds of one in 100,000. There’s another option in the Polish Mini Lotto as well – here the main prize odds are one in 850,000.

Euro trip

If you are going to aim really high and want those jackpot sums to potentially range into the billions rather than millions, then EuroJackpot, EuroMillions and others could be well worth your time. The EuroJackpot’s main prize odds are one in 140 million and the EuroMillions more or less the same.

The range of US lotteries

And then there’s the US Powerball and US MegaMillions, with main prize odds of one in 292 million and one in 302 million, respectively. These have both served up mega prizes over the years and remain hugely popular with people all over the world.

The UK’s big lotteries

If you don’t want to go global, per se, and would prefer to enter lotteries specific to the United Kingdom, there are good few options as well.

The Health Lotto has any prize odds of one in 16 and main prize odds of one in 2 million. It has had a record jackpot of £250,000 in the past.

Thunderball has any prize odds of one in 13 and main prize odds of one in 8 million, with a record jackpot double that of the Health Lotto.

Set for Life is popular as well. Its any prize odds are one in 54, while its jackpot odds are one in 15 million. In the past, it had a record jackpot payout of £10,0000.

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