How Powerball became more popular than Donald Trump

According to Google’s annual list of the most popular searches, 2016 was entirely dedicated to the lottery. And considering that last year was an election year for the US, everybody had their money on “Donald Trump” to be at the top of the list. Well, according to Google’s advanced tracking, the name of the president-elect was actually not the most popular search for 2016.

If you think “Hillary Clinton” was it, then we’re sorry to tell you that you are wrong again! While it is clear that Americans were extremely involved in the presidential election, it seems that there is one thing that they were just a bit more interested in and that was winning the Powerball lottery.

That’s right! The no.1 spot on Google’s annual search list for 2016 was “Powerball”. But how did this happen? How did Powerball become more popular than Donald Trump himself? Well, it looks like Americans are more interested in becoming billionaires themselves than reading about the most controversial billionaire in the US. Americans wanted to play Powerball so much that it turned the game into a worldwide sensation.

How It All Started…

The US Powerball has always been known as one of the biggest lotteries in the whole wide world, but on January 13th, 2016, its grand jackpot reached an unprecedented amount for the entire lottery market.

At $1.6 billion, the Powerball jackpot broke all the records and became the most sought-after lottery prize in history. While the enormous prize was shared among three winners, this jackpot has raised the stakes for lotteries everywhere.

Woman wins

How Powerball Broke the Internet

As you can imagine, news of the gargantuan Powerball jackpot reached the entire world and more and more people wanted to buy tickets. As such, the number of Google searches for the word “Powerball” have surged all across the world, not only in the United States.

While some people decided to take up lottery tourism to play Powerball, the vast majority of non-American players entered the famous lottery on their computers. Online lottery providers make the world’s biggest lottery games, including Powerball, available to people everywhere.

They can purchase their Powerball tickets online and participate in the lottery like regular players. This is precisely how online lottery platforms have made Powerball’s popularity on web search engines reach unprecedented limits.

How Powerball Stayed Big in the US

The US Powerball has yet to break its $1.6 million jackpot record, but it has certainly not disappointed players since its big draw. In May 2016, it reached a whopping $429 million and then in July it got to $487 million and then to $420.9 million in November.

And if you think that the US Powerball has slowed down even the slightest bit in 2017, then you’re sadly mistaken. The very first jackpot win this year was in February and the prize was worth a staggering $403 million. It was followed by two smaller jackpots, one worth $155 million in March and one of $60 million in April. Then, in June 2017, the all American favorite lottery got to a $435 million prize.

Since then, the US Powerball jackpot has been growing and it has already exceeded the $400 million threshold yet again. Now lottery fans everywhere are dying to see just how high this amazing prize can get this time. It remains to be seen whether or not history can be repeated and if the prize can reach $1 billion once more. The only way to find out is to keep on playing Powerball because this is one lottery you do not want to miss!

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