Police called on Halloween for human traffic cone chaos

Kingston Police had one of their more interesting call outs on Halloween, responding to human traffic cones blocking off the road.

human traffic cones

Kingston Police had a more interesting night than most this Halloween after a CCTV operator called them with the report: “MALES DRESS AS TRAFFIC CONES, BOCKING THE ROAD LIKE TRAFFIC CONES”.

No, there’s no typos there – that is the exact message the police received from an obviously overly-distressed, possibly intoxicated CCTV operator.

Kingston Police tweeted their system’s callout message:

Fortunately for the rest of the world, someone was there to snap the fun and share it with us:

A witness told the Evening Standard, “They were just standing in front of the taxi and the bus not letting them get past and taking pictures of themselves,”

Kingston Police did admit they saw the funny side in the prank, they did however advise the men to move off the road. The road is no place for drunk adults.