Manhunt launched for man kidnapping child turns out to be garden gnome

Police launched a manhunt after a man was reported carrying a “small child” on the M60 today, but it turned about to be a garden gnome.

garden gnome

Greater Manchester police were contacted by numerous calls from concerned drivers after they spotted a man carrying a “small child” on the hard shoulder of the M60 motorway.

When police responded, they found that the man was actually carrying a garden gnome. The man was however arrested on suspicion of a public order offence.

Greater Manchester Police tweeted saying:┬áNow safe and well in our office after being taken from a pedestrian M60 J2. This is a Missing from Gnome Enquiry!”

manchester police gnome tweet

While some other road users were more eagle-eyed and correctly identified the object as a garden gnome, you can’t blame others for being on alert, what with people trying to sell babies on the streets of Manchester.