Man successfully robs two shops armed only with snow brush

Canadian police are searching for a man who successfully robbed two Mac’s convenience stores, armed only with a snow brush and cool demeanour.

armed with snow brush

Police warn the man should be considered ‘armed & dangerous’

Canadians really might be the nicest people on the planet, even when they’re performed armed robberies. Police in Thunder Bay, Ontario are searching for a suspect who robbed two “Mac’s” convenience stores with a snow brush as his only weapon.

Security video shows the man intimidating clerks with his towering 5-foot-9, 12 stone physique and he casually holds the snow brush while demanding money from the till.

Crime Stoppers released this video of the suspect in an appeal for information.

After the robbery, the suspect can be seen casually leaving the store, no doubt to help brush snow from the cars of the elderly.