Man furious after stranger attaches padlock to ear stretcher for joke

A man has been left angered after a mystery stranger attached a padlock through his ear while he was outside smoking.

padlock in ear stretcher

Tom Matthews (Photo: Facebook)

Tom Matthews, who goes by the name of ‘Tom Grim Fandango Matthews” on Facebook, has been left shocked and somewhat confused after discovering a padlock had been attached to his ear.

Posting “So guess what some little w*** just did to me if I find you I will put you 6 feet under” on Facebook hoping to draw support, Tom only found ridicule from friends and strangers alike.

One helpful commenter suggested: “Get yourself to the diy shop and give em a fiver to cut it off. After they’ve stopped taking pictures and p****** themselves of course”.

A friend inquired: “Can I just ask how you didn’t notice someone f****** about with you ear?”.

Perhaps what he really needed was the services of an expert Dublin locksmith.

An obviously irked Mr Matthews said: “Literally having a fag out back literally they came out heard a click turned round realised there was a padlock on my ear and tried to chase em.”

Despite his obvious anger at the situation, another friend commented: “Ear you should be locked up looking like that!”. Others simply said they’d like to congratulate whoever attached the padlock.

Mr Matthews later commented – after re-iterating just how angry he was:” so glad old boy lived up the road and had bolt cutters”.