Dogs in Japan have cube-shaped hair

The latest bizarre craze to grip animal lovers Japan involves cutting their dog’s hair so it is shaped like a cube.

The odd results make the poor pooches look more like clunky images from a 1980s computer game.


It is not known where the trend started, but the square-shaped animals are now turning up at dog shows all across Asia.


It does not take long to find a few examples on Twitter…

And then there’s this…

Hairdresser Tain Yeh, who runs a parlour in Taipei, said: “It came about because people were always looking for more impressive haircuts, and somebody came up with the idea of shaping the dog like a hedge.”

She added that the dogs did not seem to mind – and that their owners kept coming back time and again. “This sort of haircut needs a lot more maintenance than the regular type,” she admitted.

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