Is this the worst carved pumpkin ever?

Your Facebook feed has probably been full of photographs of pumpkins carved in the most creative and amusing ways. Friends posted their own, they shared photos of others, and before you knew it, you were probably a little pumpkined out.

But you probably didn’t see this one. It is, without doubt, the worst Halloween pumpkin. Ever.

It was posted on Reddit by smokyartichoke, who wrote: “My kids carved a minimalist jack-o-lantern.” They certainly did. Take a look…

Worst pumpkin carvingThis didn’t take long (photo: smokyartichoke, Reddit)

Yet despite being a little simplistic, the poorly pumpkin sparked something of a huge debate on Reddit, with nearly over 750 comments on the merits of the carving and whether it was an original idea or not!

We just think he looks cute, in a minimalistic sort of way!