Woman mistakes expanding builder’s foam for hair mousse

This woman was captured in an UK A&E department, stoically sporting a giant solid helmet of polyurethane foam on her head.


Alarmingly, not as uncommon as you’d hope.

Inexplicably, twigs and leaves can be seen stuck to the foam, indicating the trip to A&E might not have been a simple one.

The mystery woman, thought to be eastern European, presumably ended up in this situation after confusing the builders foam with a hair product, perhaps because she was unable to read the label.

Interestingly, Google would indicate her predicament has been shared by others in the past. A Google auto-suggest for how to remove expanding foam also shows others have searched for how to remove the product from their hair.

google remove expanding foam from hair

Definitely file under ‘problems you’d rather solve at home’

It is unknown how medics decided to proceed with the calamitous hair do.