Woman bitten in face trying to kiss python at Thai show

Crowds screamed as the chinese tourist leaned in to try and give the python a kiss during a snake snow in Phuket, Thailand.

29-year-old Chinese tourist, Jin Jing had to be taken to hospital where she received stitches in her nose after the attack. While pythons are constrictors and carry no venom, Pa-wai Odksi, the company that runs the show has agreed to pay Jing £2,000 in compensation to cover her “medical bills, pain and stress”.

The video clip, filmed by an audience member shows Jin Jing leaning in to kiss the snake that’s held by two workers at the show. As she gets close, the python lurches forward, bites down and holds onto her nose. The crowd screams and Jing leans in to try and remain still as the show workers attempt to release the python’s grip on her nose.

While it’s proven that snakes don’t even like to have selfies taken, the Thai animal shows and ‘wildlife parks’ have previously come under strong criticism for the terrible conditions they keep animals in. Some critics speculate that the conditions the animals are kept in and the stress of the shows can cause them to react violently at times.