Whoopi Goldberg mistaken for Oprah Winfrey at Academy Awards

Someone at Total Beauty magazine is having a really shit week after mistaking Whoopi Goldberg for Oprah Winfrey and tweeting it to the world. Oops.


Someone working on the Total Beauty social media team, or possibly the agency they hire dropped the ball this week tweeting: “We had no idea @Oprah was #tatted, and we love it”.

Unfortunately, they were tweeting a photo of film star Whoopi Goldberg, not Oprah.

total beauty oprah tweet

In true internet fashion, the offending tweet was screenshotted and retweeted before Total Beauty realised the epic blunder they had made.

The internet was quick to respond:

Still, something did come good of the ordeal. After an apology didn’t silence critics, Total Beauty decided to donate $10,000 to charity.