UKIP Brexit campaign hired EU migrants to help push anti-EU agenda

Leave.EU campaign has surpassed irony to the point of parody by hiring EU migrants for call centres to tell people how EU migrants are taking their jobs.

Despite the Leave.EU claiming “as the world’s fifth biggest economy, the UK is well placed to supply its own labour”, the UKIP backed campaign to pull Britain out of the EU has recruited EU migrants for its call centres. These very call centres can then be used to canvass for support by telling voters that low-skilled migrant workers “deprive British citizens of jobs”.

Arron Banks, one of the campaign’s major donors and the man that oversees the call centre operations, told the Guardian, “I don’t feel any affinity towards French, Germans and Spaniards. I’d much rather deal with my own kith and kin.”

Backers of the remain campaign accused Leave.EU of hypocrisy, with Neil Kinnock, leading backer of the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign said “Banks should hang his head in shame – and reflect on the fact that his own employees and other hardworking people do not deserve the stream of negativity directed at them by leave campaigners.”