Traffic warden issues parking ticket to car with wheels stolen

If there was any doubt as to why traffic wardens aren’t that popular, it’s been cleared up by an eager warden who dished out a parking ticket to a car that had its wheels jacked.

wheels stolen gets ticket

I guess watching them tow it will be amusing

The SUV parked in a Chicago suburb had its wheels stolen somewhere between midnight and 7a.m on Thursday according to the owner’s wife.

As there were daytime parking restrictions outside their home, the wife, after contacting police was told to leave a note on the windshield displaying the crime number logged with the police.

Later that day, a passing traffic warden who gave approximately zero fucks made a kind addition to their note, in the form of a parking fine.


File under “NMP” – Not my problem.

“It’s usually something you see in movies. It’s crazy. I can’t believe it happened,” said the owner’s wife to WGN Radio. “I’m disenchanted with city workers for not taking notice. We pay a lot of tax dollars so you think they’d take the time to read the note.”

The owner and his wife do not wish to be identified due to ‘fear of repercussions’ – leaving questions as to what kind of mafia the Chicago traffic wardens run.

Hopefully they won’t attempt to tow the car.