Tory MP forgets to declare £400,000 in earnings but remembers to claim 49p for milk

After neglecting to declare £400,000, MP Geoffrey Cox gets off the hook by making a 49 second long apology to the House of Commons.

geoffrey cox

While we’re used to people in positions of power having flaky memories and we’re no stranger to politicians earning outside of their jobs, Tory MP Geoffrey Cox really takes the biscuit.

You see, Geoff here, while ‘serving his constituents’ managed to squeeze over 500 hours of work as QC, well over established time limits. The extra work brought him an additional £400,000 on top of his £74,000 salary.

In what the Parliament’s Standards Commissioner called a “serious breach of the House’s rules”, the extra income was not declared within the allotted time.

Mr. Cox told the inquiry it was a simple matter that he had relied on an office clerk who had retired recently and he hadn’t found a replacement to do the necessary paperwork. A wonderful story, except Geoffrey did still manage to find time to file expenses claims for milk and tea bags.

What’s the outcome? Geoffrey offered a less than one minute apology to the House and Commons and resigned his post from the standards committee saying, “I have stepped down from the standards committee and I hope that the house will accept my sincere and full-hearted apology for my failure to observe this important rule.”

Does that seem fair to you?

Is an apology enough?

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