Tory Lord says historic child sex abuse investigations should be stopped to save money

Tory peer, Lord Lawson says UK police should save money by cutting back on historic child sex abuse investigations.

tory peer lord lawson

Lord Lawson, who has the pedigree of being Margaret Thatcher’s chancellor in the 80s made the comments on the BBC’s ‘Andrew Marr Show’ on Sunday.

He said, “Security is essential. It’s vital. But I think the police are complaining a little bit too much. Look at how much the police is spending now on chasing up often unsubstantiated accusations of historic sex abuse. That’s got nothing to do with security. Those resources should be put where the need is.”

The comments were made in reference to UK police complaints regarding a lack of resources for national security work. Lord Lawson said that police should not complain about a lack of resources while they are putting so much effort into probes investigating historic child sex abuse cases.

Reports that have surfaced have estimated that the cost of the paedophile ring investigations total around 4% of the £8.2Bn central police budget, around £3.4m.

Lobbying for more spending on police has become a priority with the government aiming to make £300m in cuts and a leaked letter to Home Secretary Theresa May surfacing that warns the cuts may reduce the police’s ability to deal with a Paris-style terror attack.

Sounds like a great recipe to for some politicians to justify keeping some skeletons in the closet.