Tory government insists “we will treat ‘the gays’ equally”


The Tory government is preparing a special shit sandwich by appointing an anti-gay marriage equality minister, Caroline Dineage.

Caroline Dinenage
Caroline Dinenage. Supporter of LGBT rights since like, 2013.

After committing to repeal the Human Rights Actand announcing a Minister for Disabled People who is strongly opposed disability benefits, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Tory government is stuck in some kind of opposite land or time warp. Unfortunately for us, as well as for foxes, this is not the case.

There has been a significant public backlash against the appointment of Caroline Dineage as the Tory’s equalities minister, mainly because she voted against gay marriage in 2013.


While everyone tries as hard as they can to act shocked and disgusted, it didn’t come as much of a surprise: the incumbent minister was also anti same-sex marriage, although after battling public opinion for a while, she had changed her mind and it was all cool.

Caroline herself  said that banning same sex marriage would “take nothing away from their relationships” and the “state has no right” to intervene in such matters.

In keeping with the apparent ‘opposite land’ game the government is playing, Ms. Dineage later followed her remarks with “I am fully committed to advancing the cause of LGBT equality and support the law on same sex marriage.”

She has made no comment on her stance regarding gay cake.

The Editor

I wish it was satire.