Thief busted stealing PS4 after it connects back to victim’s wifi next door

A gamer from Nashville, Tennessee had his Playstation 4 recovered by police after it turned out the thief was next door – and the Playstation was still connecting to his wifi.

Thief: Phillip Booker

Thief: Phillip Booker

Fox17 reported that a man returning from vacation found his home had been burgled, with a Playstation 4, two televisions and a laptop all missing. It turns out, technology was there to lend a helping hand after the man received a notification to his phone that his PS4 had been turned on and it was still connected to wifi. His own wifi.

Knowing his Playstation had to be nearby to be connected to his wifi, the victim contacted local police telling them he believed his neighbour across the hall had his possessions.

Police came and searched the apartment belonging to Phillip Booker (picture above) and found the wayward PS4, along with the victim’s laptop and some weed – but no TVs. Booker admitted  to having “shouldered open” the victim’s door and pawning off his TVs and tablet to a local pawn shop.

Booker faces charges of Aggravated Burglary and Possession of a Controlled Substance.