Amazing Tiger Woods photos show how smartphones dictate our lives

We all know that using smartphones has changed our lives. Convenient and entertaining they may be, but it takes something as simple as two photographs, side by side, to illustrate just how much it has affected our behaviour.

Here we have two photographs of golf superstar Tiger Woods hitting the ball, with a large gallery behind him.


In the first image, everything looks as you’d expect – everyone behind is paying close attention and watching the great man at work.

Tiger Woods in 2002

This was taken back in 2002, five years before Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007. We looked very closely and found one man watching through a pair of binoculars. He’s about half way up, and four or five people in from the left.

Now, fast forward to the modern day. Here’s another picture of Tiger hitting the golf ball with a large gallery behind him.

See if you can see what’s different about the 2018 version?

Tiger Woods 20018 smartphones

Wow! You knew people now liked to record things on their phone, perhaps to share on social media, but this much?

Is anyone actually enjoying the moment? Or are they all simply watching what’s right in front of them, but through a phone camera?

At least the kid in the front row with the red shirt seems to be living for the moment.


You’ll now see this behaviour everywhere around you, of course. Rock concerts are a sea of smartphones – better than the old fire hazard days of lighters, we suppose.

Thanks to BigSportGB on Twitter for bringing this to our attention.