The top-grossing movies of all time

Movie screen in cinema

If you’ve been a movie buff since childhood, people may have said you’d become square-eyed if you watched too many. However, you know from first-hand experience that that’s not true and that movies, especially high grossing ones, have added to your life.  The reason being is that blockbuster comedies promote laughter and reduces blood pressure and stress.

Feel-good movies inspire you to be a better person and educate you. It also provides a form of escapism. You may have watched several blockbuster movies but are not sure which ones are the highest-grossing ones. Here’s a look at some of the world’s highest-grossing movies of all time.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This blockbuster film was released in 1937 and has had three re-releases. The movie has made approximately $184.9 million prior to inflation, and $982 million, post inflation.

So why has this been a highest-grossing movie for all time? Well, this movie was the first animated feature. It also helped create the cultural behemoth of the House of Mouse. The movie also transformed cartoons into cinematic art.

Doctor Zhivago

This blockbuster movie was first released in 1965. It generated 111.7 million before inflation and $1.11 billion after inflation.

The movie is immersive and dramatic and features spellbinding talent from Julie Christie and Omar Sharif. This movie has a bit of everything and enthralls viewers for three hours.

The Ten Commandments

This spellbinding movie was first released in 1956. It generated approximately $65.5 million prior to inflation and $1.18 billion post inflation.

The movie has grossed so much turnover, as it transformed one of the globe’s most familiar stories into one of the most spellbinding films of all time. It was also nominated for several Academy Awards and has become an Easter favorite on ABC every year since 1968.

Gone with the Wind

Lottoland lists Gone with the Wind as the highest-grossing film of all time. The film is also undeniably one of America’s most popular films. The film features Hollywood icons Clarke Gable and Vivian Leigh and includes portrayals of slavery during the Civil War South. The film is deemed as iconic in the rich history of Hollywood.

Star Wars

This high gross turnover movie was initially released in 1977 and has made roughly $460 million prior to inflation and $1.6 billion after inflation.

It has also been re-released twice and features the incredible Harrison Ford portraying the protagonist of the movie; Luke Skywalker. The effects of this movie are still very real today as the latest sequel was released in 2019. It has also been the inspiration behind many toys sold throughout the years.


This romantic drama was released in 1997 and has a truly unforgettable storyline, soundtrack, and sublime special effects.

It generated a whopping $659.3 million prior to inflation, and $1.22 billion after inflation. This movie has also had two re-releases and is a mix of adventure and romance. It showcases the acting abilities of the very talented and world renowned Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslett.

James Cameron directed this blockbuster movie. The movie has won 11 Oscars. This includes one for Best Picture. James Cameron has also received accolades for his other movie, Avatar. That being said, Avatar is the no.1 movie of all time on the global box office list. It does however rank as number 15 post inflation.


Jaws model (Photo: William Warby under CC BY 2.0)

Jaws was initially released in 1975 and has made $250 million prior to inflation and  $1.15 billion after inflation.  This movie is essentially Hollywood’s initial blockbuster. It’s a cross-genre and contains elements of adventure and horror.

The director, Steven Spielberg, became a household name when this movie was released. The movie also helped kick start his career as a top-notch director.


The Extra Terrestrial (ET) movie features A-lister actress Drew Barrymore, as a child actress. Her career has skyrocketed since then as the movie put her acting career on the map. ET evokes emotion and the quotes within the movie like “ET phone home” have echoed throughout society for decades.

The scene of the bike flying across the moon has also been captured in many memes and remains engraved in moviegoer’s hearts to this day. The movie was released in 1982 and generated $435 million prior to inflation and $1.26 billion post inflation. Even though Steven Spielberg directed this movie at the beginning of his career, the film still topped the box office for 16 weeks. Simply put, this movie left keen moviegoers wanting more.

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