Teen accidentally shot dead by cousin on hoverboard

An 18-year-old accidentally shot his 13-year-old cousin dead when he lost his balance on a hoverboard and negligently discharged a firearm.

hoverboard shooting

In yet another case of people accidentally shooting their guns, an 18-year-old from Miami, Florida killed his younger cousin last Sunday.

The victim, 13-year-old Lavardo Fisher was playing around a relative’s house with two 18-year-olds when one of them found a gun in a bedroom and started playing with it.

The police report states that one of the older teens was playing on a hoverboard while holding the firearm. The boy lost his balance and fell, causing the gun to fire and Larvardo was hit.

First responders reported that Larvardo wasn’t breathing when they arrived and he was rushed to hospital in critical condition. Unfortunately, Larvardo died the next day from his wounds.

The shooter, who told deputies he didn’t mean to fire the weapon was arrested but has not yet been charged.

Water Morame, the gun’s owner was also arrested on Sunday on charges of possession of a weapon by a felon.