Religious ‘abstinence only’ school with no sex-ed has Chlamydia outbreak


A school with an ‘abstinence only’ policy in Texas has had an outbreak of the sexually-transmitted infection, Chlamydia.

sti teens in texas
“God is my condom”

Almost 10% of the tested pupils were infected in what federal health officials were calling “an epidemic”. The Crane Independent School District handbook for 2014-2015 confirms the district “does not offer a curriculum in human sexuality”.

The district’s School Health Advisory Committee recommended in 2012 that the school adopt Scott & White’s “Worth the Wait” Abstinence Plus curriculum, if any sexual education policy was adopted.

Interestingly, Texas State Laws require¬†that any sexual education must work on “emphasizing abstinence” until marriage, this is deemed the best way to avoid any sexually transmitted baddies.

After the Center of Disease control described the situation as “a health issue of epidemic proportions” the school sent letters home to parents alerting them of the outbreak.

The school has now planned a 3 day sex education course for all students.

The Editor

I wish it was satire.