Shirtless Aussies film themselves chasing down robbers in flip flops


Two Australian men stole the keys from a getaway car, before giving chase and catching the whole thing on film.

James Ross-Munroe and Kane Wiblen from Gold Coast, Australia found themselves in the middle of the action when they witnessed the robbery of an Oporto shop.

Mr. Ross-Monroe, who was busy fixing his thongs (flip flops) after “bustin’ a plugga”, noticed the men get out of the car, which had no number plates, to rob the store.

Deciding to go full hulk, James ditched his thongs and removed his vest to tackle the situation in the most manly way possible. Striding over the car, James opened the driver’s door and removed the keys before waving them at the thieves into store saying, “I’ve got the fuckin’ keys”.

aussie man with thieves keys
“Got the fuckin’ keys”

At this point, Kane, possibly the more sober of the two, suggests “Let’s get the fuck out of here”, as he no doubt starts to envisage other possible scenarios, like ‘what if the thieves are actually armed?’

Almost turning green with hulkness at this point, James shouts “NAA! CALL THE COPS, TRIPLE ZERO, QUICK!” as the thieves leave the shop to make their escape and jump into the car, only to find the keys had been taken.

Still not deterred, Rob jumps into the car and “manages to land several punches” before the thieves decide to flee on foot.

Still bare foot, Rob puts up a valiant chase down the street before the thieves outrun him.

In an interview with Gold Coast Bulletin, James said, “I chased them but because I’m fat they got away.”

Good job, Rob.

The Editor

I wish it was satire.