Rioter is arrested after he tags himself in Facebook photo

A Belfast man has been arrested for rioting after tagging himself in Facebook photos of the riot and therefore identifying himself to authorities.


Look too good in that photo to resist tagging yourself? Maybe think again. Robert Darragh from Hopewell Cresent wishes he had. TheĀ 21-year-old has been sentenced to two years in prison after twice identifying himself in photos during the north Belfast riots in July last year.

29 police officers were injured during the riot as their lines were hailed with rocks and bottles after trouble flared up after a loyalist flute band being stopped.

Mr. Darragh did try to mask his identify with a balaclava and hood but was photographed just prior to the riot with his face visible. Police had been trawling social media sites to try and found those that took part in the riot and found that Robert had kindly tagged himself.

Robert’s defense, presented by his lawyer when questioned by police was that “he could not remember as he had been on a three-day drinking binge”. Doesn’t get much more Irish than that.