Pros and Cons of Vaping: Whether or Not to Start Vaping

woman vaping

Vaping is the use of an electronic device with a heating element that comes into contact with e-juice to produce vapor.

When people inhale the vapor, the contents are absorbed into the bloodstream and then to the whole body. This causes an array of effects on the body. The effects of smoking can be categorized into pros and cons.

By clearly understanding these, you can evaluate whether you want to start smoking or not. Stay informed because information is power. Luckily, this article will highlight the crucial pros and cons that you need to make the decision.

Pros of Vaping

·        Reduced toxins – truth be told, e-juice with nicotine delivers toxins just like tobacco cigarettes. However, researchers have confirmed that this occurs to a lesser degree. Additionally, it is easy to choose e-juice without toxins by going for zero-nicotine e-juice.

·        Variety of flavors – believe it or not, there are more than 500 different flavors of e-juice in the world today. This number is expected to rise as people become more innovative in coming up with cocktail flavors. See, you will be spoiled for flavor choices once you start.

·        Saves money – if you visit this site to buy your vaping starter kit, you will be surprised that the devices range from budget options to very expensive designer pieces. But generally, vaping will save you money compared to smoking.

·        No odor – vapor that is produced by e-cigs does not come with an annoying smell that clings to your clothes. On the contrary, the smell of your favorite flavor will only be there for your taste buds and nose to enjoy for some time, and then it will fade away. Actually, people will not know that you vaped a few minutes after enjoying the vape.

Cons of Vaping

·        Unknown health risks – as we speak, it is not exactly clear what health risks vape users are exposed to. Some researchers have linked vaping to cardiovascular illnesses, increased risk of cancer, and respiratory complications among others. Pregnant women are also advised to stay away for vaping for similar reasons.

·        Often regulated like smoking – countries without clear legal rules on vaping treat it like smoking. This denies vapers numerous benefits, especially benefits related to where you can vape, purchase the devices and accessories, and much more. For sure, vaping and smoking differ in many ways.

·        Nicotine addiction – if possible, it is not advisable to get hooked on vaping. Actually, people switch camps from smoking to vaping to avoid nicotine addiction. Unbeknownst to them, e-juice with nicotine is equally addictive. The next prudent solution here is to stay away from e-juice that contains nicotine.

The Takeaway

By now it is clear that vaping is better than smoking. If you are switching camps, vaping is the wiser choice. Additionally, vaping gives users better control over what they inhale, which means that you can reduce the negative effects while still enjoying it. If you are completely new to vaping, research thoroughly which starter pack to select. All the best!

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