#PissForEquality: 4Chan trolls convince women to piss themselves

Clearly showing that stupidity knows no bounds when it comes to ideology, feminists have apparently started pissing themselves to promote girl power.

PissForEquality hoax

It’s a hoax of a hoax. Like an inception hoax.

Or – that is at least what users of 4chan would have us believe.

The hashtag #PissForEquality was deliberately started by anonymous (but probably male) 4Chan users encouraging women to piss themselves whilst clothed and post the results on social media to support rape victims who might have soiled themselves whilst being assaulted. Within a matter of hours, several ‘sock puppet’ Twitter accounts were created to promote the campaign, which subsequently and rapidly went viral.

Piss For Equality Hoax

A 4Chan thread claiming responsibility

Whilst many of the Twitter accounts are indeed sock puppets – as in an account created solely for the purpose of deception – and most of the pictures have been garnered from existing media, some women really may have publicly humiliated themselves in the name of the hoax, believing that they were contributing to the empowerment of women.

The fake campaign to “somehow get Tumblr tards to publicly piss/shit their pants in the name of ‘equality’” is strikingly similar to the hoax “free bleeding” campaign, in which women were encouraged not to use sanitary products during their period – resulting in Harvard Graduate Kiran Ghandi garnering a huge amount of publicity (and, it has to be said, rather a lot of support), after running the London Marathon with blood dripping down her legs.

sock puppet account

One of the many “sock puppet” accounts trying to start the hoax

Whilst most people happily support equal rights for women and men, and only a very tiny number of people would think that rape is anything other than one of the most abhorrent of crimes, most people also would agree that that free pissing, free bleeding and, indeed, free pooping, natural bodily functions as they may be, are not really especially empowering when carried around in your underpants. Rather, it’s all a bit icky, really. One must be very careful not to adopt every hashtag movement that turns up on their Twitter feed, because the only people who are really celebrating their ’empowerment’ at the results are the 4Chan trolls.