Petrol covered man catches fire after being tasered by police

An Australian man went up in flames after being tasered by law enforcement officers he was trying to throw petrol over.

taser on children

Whether you’re getting carried away¬†electrocuting children or shocking wheelchair-bound dwarves, we all know police can have some fun with tasers. Unfortunately, a 51-year-old man from Sydney, Australia found that tasers and petrol don’t mix.

Police were called to a house following reports that a man was attempting to cut down a power pylon with a chainsaw. When police attempted to talk to the man, he started throwing petrol over them at which point the police responded with pepper spray and eventually tasered the man to subdue him.

The electric sparks from the taser caused the man’s own petrol-soaked clothing to burst into flames which were quickly extinguished by police. The suspect then struggled free and barricaded himself in a nearby house, starting a one hour standoff.

Talked out several hours later by a specialist police unit, the man was taken to Westmead Hospital under police guard to have minor burns treated along with a police officer who had petrol in his eyes. Both are in a stable condition and expected to make a full recovery.

Police said investigations into the incident were continuing and charged are expected to be laid.