Pastor gets 20 of his congregation pregnant because ‘God told him to’

A 53-year-old Nigerian pastor has been arrested for sexual abuse after getting more than 20 members of his congregation pregnant.

pastor pregnant

The pastor, Timothy Ngwu, claimed that “the Holy Spirit told him to have sex with them”, but this excuse did not wash with the Enugu State Police who arrested him on charges of sexually abusing his female congregation members.

Ebere Amaraizu, DSP, a spokesman for the Enugu State Police Command said, “The pastor claims to be obeying the prophetic/spiritual injunction to do the will of God, which is to impregnate any one chosen and revealed by the Holy Spirit, irrespective of whether the woman is married or not”.

According to the Vanguard report, Mr. Ngwu was dobbed into the authorities by his estranged wife, Veronica Ngwu who got a bit brassed off with his ‘Godly’ behaviour with other women after he impregnated her niece.

Timothy’s brother, told Vanguard: “Let me tell you, God’s anger has befallen my brother, we have severally appealed to him to stop what he was doing but he refused. He has colonized our compound, bearing children with recklessness. He accused us of being jealous of him because he is doing the will of God. Look at these buildings here (the church). He has converted all of them to himself in the name of vineyard. I can’t say exactly what informed his spirit to the devilish act in the name of God. He sacked his betrothed wife who has three children for him and embarked on impregnating married women and young girls. Look at the whole compound littered with children of different sex and age”.

In his defense, Timothy made clear he never had sex with a married woman, unless their husbands “agree with the request of the holy spirit”. Tim told NaiJ he has ‘approximately’ five wives and thirteen children, along with the concubines he “acquired by the prophetic will of God”.

At least he’s not sacrificing children, I guess.