Are you ready for an open relationship?

A lot of people often think about open relationship. It saves you from a lot of troubles. Let’s be honest, we often get bored from our partners in bed. We start thinking about sleeping with other people, without breaking our romantic bonds with a partner. An open relationship seems to be the most logical solution to this problem. But then two questions occur. The first question is do open relationships work? The second question is “Am I ready for an open relationship?”. So, let’s check it out.

How to Be Ready for an Open Relationship?
There are certain questions that you need to ask yourself before transforming your relationship into an open one, which we offer you to check out without a further ado.

1. Why Are You Doing This?

The very first thing you need to figure out is the actual reasons why are you engaging in an open relationship. Do you want to spice up your sexual life? Or you want to materialize your sexual fantasies about having a lot of sexual partners while loving only one? You need to think it over thoroughly, as certain fantasies should remain fantasies.

2. Are You Okay With Your Partner Sleeping With Others?

While this question may seem odd, it is the most logical one. Let’s be honest, our thoughts about an open relationship are self-centred. We think about how bored we are in bed with our partner. We think about our own desires and sexual pleasures. But are you okay with the thought that your partner might be sleeping with someone else? Mind that an open relationship requires more honesty than standard one.

3. Are You Sure That You Won’t Develop Feelings to One of Your Lovers?

Are you sure that you won’t develop romantic feeling towards one of your sexual partners? You see, the main thing of an open relationship is that you have only one partner with whom you are romantically involved. As soon as you break this rule, the whole idea stops making any sense. First of all, you need to ask yourself how much you are inclined to fall in love with a person you sleep with. If you can’t separate physical from emotional, probably the whole idea of an open relationship is worthless. Moreover, what if your steady partner develops feelings towards one of the partners he or she is sleeping with? What your reaction would be? You need to talk the risks of falling in love with sexual partners over with your steady partner or spouse beforehand, to decide on your further steps.

Why Open Relationships Don’t Work?
Open relationships work only when you are ready for them. Open relationships are built on trust, and if you don’t trust your partner, they won’t work. Open relationships won’t work if you or your partner is a jealous type. You need to trust each other and be sure that none of you will fall in love with other sexual partners. If you are unable to trust each other, and if you sole thought that you partner might share his or her bed with somebody else, then there is no point in trying open relationship, as it will only lead to your inevitable breakup.

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