Norwich library visitors banned for watching pornos

The Norfolk & Norfolk Millennium Library, otherwise known as ‘The Forum’ has been forced to ban three people for using computers to view pornography in public.

library norwich the forum

‘The Forum’ in Norwich

Feeling a bit horny but not that imaginative? Skip your morning shower and instead, pop down to your local library to use the computers to watch some good old porno. That’s what three Norwich locals, who have now been banned from the premises decided to do.

An eagle-eyed child spotted the pornographic images on the would be library-lusters’ screens and reported it to staff in the building.

A spokesman for Norfolk County Council’s library service told the BBC “Clearly we don’t want this type of content being viewed at our libraries,” and “We are always grateful to library users who report misuse.”

The users managed to circumnavigate internet filters by accessing the images via social media sites, which are intentionally left unlocked as many of the library visitors “greatly value” access to sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Were these men forced to use library computers after their own machines let them down? Who knows what they’ll resort to next.

McDonald’s offers free wifi, at least.