Muslim prince in Israeli bacon sheikh-down

Saudi Arabian royal, Prince Adel Al-Otaibi, was caught with over 2 tonnes of slaughtered pig in the in the perhaps the only country in the world less likely to indulge in a crafty rasher, Israel.

Cute pig

You know I said not everyone wanted to eat you? Well about that…

Protesting the prince’s innocence Adel Al-Jubeir, the Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister, claimed that the Israelis were “framing a member of the royal family” and trying to “attack the reputation of the royal Saudi family” as he clamoured for the release of the beleaguered aristocrat.

Israel, like Saudi Arabia, explicitly forbids the routine import of pork products.

Al-Otaibi’s swine fever is not his first brush with notoriety, it’s widely rumoured that, in 2014, he paid $1,000,000 for Madaem Yeezus herself Kim Kardashian to nip over his pad for a spot of evening tiddlywinks – an accusation which he’s declined to deny but which did not land him in the slammer.

Unlike many of their mandatorily observant subjects, the Saudi Royal Family has frequently been accused of partying hard, with the 2010 Wikileaks detailing US reports of Moonshine, cocaine and casual carryings-on which would make Prince Harry blush.

Alas, behind closed doors, the thousands of Saudi Royals seem far more Bunga-Bunga than burqa burqa.