Motorised picnic table beer crew evade police capture


Police are still hunting a group of Australian lads who have been cruising around on motorised picnic tables while drinking beer.

motorised picnic table
Police “suspect the men have been drinking”

Still on the run from two weeks ago, police in the City of Stirling, Australia are still trying to track down the group of men. Captured on CCTV camera, the men can be seen slowly making their way up the road, sideways, on a motorised picnic table while enjoying some brewskies.

Motorised picnic table on roundabout
The men navigate a roundabout

The police issued statement which said they were concerned for the safety of the men, who had no protective clothing, especially when on roads alongside motor vehicles after their initial appear for information when it appeared the public didn’t give a shit and found the whole thing quite amusing.

Police and Road Safety Minister Liza Harvey said, “I’m sure a lot of people find it very amusing, um, it does look quite comical when you have a look at it.” but points out the activity is “It’s putting other road users at risk and indeed putting those people on the toy at risk as well,”

If caught, the men could face a series of charges including driving an unlicensed vehicle, driving an unroadworthy vehicle and drink driving.

Until then, the slabs are staying in the esky.

The Editor

I wish it was satire.