Money meant for Islamic State discovered by mum in dirty washing

Two men are appearing in court for allegedly supplying IS with funds after the mother of a third man found $9,000 in the pockets of his dirty washing.

dirty washing

Mums. They’ll find everything, eventually.

It’s the classic tale of your mother finding that thing she shouldn’t when she washed your jeans. For most people, this means she found the lighter or the Rizla from that time you tried smoking, or, in this case, the $9,000 you were going to supply to Islamic State.

When they’re not queuing to blow themselves up, or accidentally blowing themselves up, Islamic State are allegedly getting people like Oarjan Azari and Ali Al-Talebi to transfer money to them.

The duo are accused of wiring $6,000 to Islamic State via an¬†intermediary who made the Western Union transfers last year. Unfortunately for Oarjan and Ali, the intermediary, a man who cannot be named, has become a ‘rollover witness’. This means he will provide the authorities with everything he knows about the operation to avoid any charges himself.

The man had made the first two transfers at Western Union outlets in Parramatta and Auburn, in Australia, totalling $6,000. He was meant to make a third transfer of $9,000 but bailed at the last minute as he was concerned about the fees that would be charged.

The court learned that the $9,000 was later found by his mother, in the pockets of his shorts, when she was doing his washing.

The man decided to ‘come clean’ at that point with mumsy.

Magistrate Peter Miszalski at the start of the court proceeding, presumably with a smug face quipped, “Laundering money, almost literally.”