Man orders Kindle but receives tumour instead

A man who was expecting his Kindle e-book reader to turn up in the post ended up receiving a patient’s tumour sample instead.

tumour not kindle

At some point, you’ll probably get something you’re not expecting through the post, but 37-year-old James Potton from Bristol was particularly shocked when he received a tumour sample instead of a Kindle.

It appears the mix up happened with courier company FedEx, as the tumour sample that Mr. Potton received had the same first five and last three tracking numbers as his Kindle order.

Mr. Potton tweeted FedEx after receiving the package:

tumour twitter

While James’ name was on the outside of the package, he could clearly see that it wasn’t intended for him and so he refrained breaking the seal of the box.┬áHe called the company and arranged for the driver to return to the house to collect the sample, telling the BBC: “I’ve been trying to get FedEx to collect it as it is potentially a sample that needs to be tested and sent back with some urgency. I don’t know where my Kindle is, but if it is at the Royal Free I’d be happy to do an exchange.”